Haven’t met a more honest, professional, and reliable company like Mediavine Productions. We look forward for many more years working together.
— Ronaldo Lopez - Impacto De Fe Church - System Installation/Maintenance & Staff Training
MVP began by making some humble suggestions on speaker placement and crossover adjustments that made a huge, positive difference in the clarity and definition of our sound. They also did some intensive training with our house sound engineers. If you are in the Denver, CO area, you can’t go wrong with hiring MVP to check out your system. They are a wealth of knowledge and very humble.
— Jeff Fultz - Landing Place Church - System Tuning & Staff Training
MediaVine Productions is always there when we need them! They are sharp, extremely knowledgeable, flexible, and highly dependable with all of our sound production needs. They put our team at ease because we know they are always on top of every need and anticipate every cue. They are exceptionally talented sound technicians and always willing to go the extra mile anytime they work for our team.
— Gena Heller - Edge Church - Event Staffing
I really suggest having MVP come over as you can learn a lot and get a professional assessment in the process. It was incredibly more effective because of the amount of tests they ran and their experience with the more scientific side of things. Their rates are extremely fair, highly recommended!
— Lewis "Tik" Ticknor - PMT Audio - Studio Tuning
MediaVine Productions was extremely efficient from start to finish. I would recommend MVP to anyone doing a project and in need of a producer or engineer in the Denver Metro Area.
— Andy Sydow - Andy Sydow Band - Recording Engineering
I’ve been a professional musician for a decade, and I’ve never experienced service like what I had with MediaVine Productions. I ordered a Nord Elecro 6D 73 keyboard through them. It was shipped very quickly and when I went to pick it up, they helped me set it up and try it out before bringing it home! As we set it up, a little plastic piece fell off of the keyboard. I didn’t think anything of it, but they wanted to be 100% sure that it was nothing to be concerned about. So, they called their supplier that afternoon and asked about it. The little plastic piece was something used in the factory and it was made to come off. They called me and told me that very day. This was above and beyond service. They didn’t have to help me set up my keyboard or anything like that. It was refreshing that he seemed legitimately concerned that I was happy with my purchase! I will absolutely come back for more gear in the future!
— Andy Sydow - Andy Sydow Band - Equipment Sale
It is a pleasure working with MediaVine Productions.  Their attention to detail and knowledge is a plus.  They are timely and always show up prepared.  They makes sure you’re comfortable and in the best position possible sound wise to do an effective job each and every night.
— Jasson Martin - Potter's House Church Denver - Church Staffing/Management & Equipment Sales/Installation

Arapahoe Community College Music Audio Technology has often utilized Mediavine Production’s services, ranging from studio design and installation to guest lectures and masterclasses. They are incredibly knowledgeable and professional. ACC would not have the program and facilities we have today without their contributions.
— Chuck Harhuues - Arapahoe Community College - Studio Design & Instruction
The team carries a level of excellence that, before they even walk in the room, you know they will give it their best. I trust in the intentionality found in MediaVine Productions and would highly recommend them.
— Kyle Kempers - Restoration Community Church - Equipment Sales & Installation
MediaVine Production are some of the most talented and prolific engineers I have had the pleasure of working with. It is rare to find anyone in this industry as professional and humble. My satisfaction is at 100% with MediaVine, as they always take care of me and our organization with the utmost care and integrity. MediaVine is worth every dollar.
— Jason Revels - Colorado Christian Fellowship - System Installation/Maintenence
I was so glad to meet these guys. About as polite and courteous as you can imagine, I was thrilled they had what I was looking for in-state. I would do business with them again in a heartbeat. Really cool!
— Tim Stroh - Recording Studio Equipment Purchase
My company has used Mediavine Productions incredible audio skills on multiple 3D animated videos to help bring our work to life. I recommend their services to all of my clients.
— Billy Foster - New Energy Technology - Video Post-Production
I have been in the audio industry for close to 15 years now and the majority of that time I have known the team at MediaVine Productions. In every instance and occurrence that I have interacted with them they always exemplify excellence and professionalism. I know MediaVine Productions are among the best in the business.
— Tyler Soifer - Independent Touring Services - Event Staffing
2018-05-12 22.30.59.jpg
I’m so happy with the process and the attitude from MediaVine Productions. They work with everybody in the band, which are sometimes people who have never done a professional soundcheck, and they make them feel so comfortable—like they’ve been performing on stage their entire lives. They understand and can accurately interpret the intentions of the artist, even when we’re not able to use technical terminology and get the job done without any of the talkback or jadedness we’re used to dealing with in house sound engineers in both studios or venues. Will happily provide a reference to anybody anytime, and couldn’t have done anything we’ve done without ‘em. We wouldn’t work with anybody else.
— Tattooed Strings - Recording Studio Design & Engineering
MediaVine Productions allowed us to attain coolest atmosphere in our venue; jaws drop when people walk through the door—they can’t believe it. The design of the place is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. They way they collaborated with me and the other contractors is phenomenal—they can provide an entire list of reasons why they’d recommend for or against anything, including our most outlandish ideas. They listen, then offer the correct way to do things. Such an even-keel, easy-to-work-with organization—always going above and beyond.
— Platte River Studios - Recording Studio Design & Build
Mediavine Productions have been nothing short of outstanding, quality, and professional in all my business dealings with them. Thier work ethic and dedication to the craft of studio recording and live sound engineering are unmatched and he is your point of contact for live sound reinforcement or recording. Truly a versatile and skilled craftsmen.
— David Griesinger - Denver Sound Guy - Mobile Recording For Film
Throughout the entire process we were very happy with MediaVine Productions and thought they did a great job tracking. They were great to work with, very professional, knowledgeable, and fun! Overall we were very happy with the way our album turned out and I would recommend anyone to work with them.
— Dustin Reed - Almost Legends - Studio Services
MediaVine Productions did a satellite recording at a private event that I put together. They were extremely professional and showed up very early to set up and brought the highest quality gear. The recordings were delivered in a timely fashion and were very clean, solid mix.
— Chantil Dukart - Chantil Dukart Music - Remote Recording
I have had the privilege of working with MediaVine Producitons for the last several years. We recently had them implement a new operations system, provide in-depth training for our volunteer staff, and is currently being used in the capacity of quarterly tuning for our ministry. They are great communicators who are willing to share knowledge, experience and expertise.
— Noe Martinez - Abundant Life Tabernacle - System Tuning & Training